Workforce Visibility and Loss Prevention

Wreckingball uses AI and Radio technologies to monitor your workforce and assets for in-depth site visibility, Procore reporting and OSHA compliance in pursuit of increasing jobsite understanding and preventing loss.

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How it Works

Scanning Station

Setup Scanning Stations

We’ll install scanning stations on your jobsite per project requirements. Stations are freestanding, solar-powered, and are completely self-operational. Plug-in options are available for indoor applications.

Created by Chameleon Designfrom the Noun Project

Tags and Detection

Attach the provided tags onto workers’ hard hats. Workers will be automatically logged as they enter and leave locations.

Created by Diky Setiawanfrom the Noun Project

Worker and Location Assignment

We’ll help setup the relevant locations within your jobsite on the Wreckingball cloud platform. Workers are then assigned to their designated locations. Subcontractor support also available.


We’ll text or email you when there’s been a violation such as a worker entering an undesignated location.

Temperature Screening

With our digital temperature screening option we’ll provide a scanner you can use to take workers’ temperature to determine COVID risk to send them home and/or initiate contact tracing. Fully integrated with the Wreckingball software platform.

Daily Logs

Daily logs of worker location data are saved on the platform for full audit history and visibility.

Contact Tracing Reports

View reports of which other workers a worker has been in prolonged contact with to initiate COVID protocols.

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Procore Integration

For Procore customers, subcontractor/vendor info is synced from Procore and Daily logs are written to Procore. Further integration is planned and can be requested.

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Custom Workflows

Have different workflows or needs? Contact us for customization options!

Built in the Tar Heel State

Workforce Solutions for the New Decade

Built by founders with extensive experience in the cloud software and embedded device industries, the Wreckingball cloud platform is fast, easy to use, and improving rapidly with innovative solutions to help you leverage the most from your workforce.

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Use Cases

COVID Contact Tracing

Safety and Compliance

Productivity and Forecasting

Automated Attendance and Timesheets

Dispute and Fraud Reduction


The Wreckingball system is highly flexible and can accomodate a variety of jobsite requirements. Contact us to discuss an implementation and pricing suitable for your company and project.

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