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Think SafetyNow

Construction on-site safety is the #1 concern of HSE professionals

Rethinking safety training

After having the same safety training for years, or the same crusty VHS tape for decades, it's time to change how your think about safety training, your EMR, and your people on site.

OSHA estimates that construction companies save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested in safety programs.

Statistic taken from multiple sources.

Steps To SafetyNow

Get back to building instead of babysitting

Scan To Start

Each site has its own unique QR code that workers scan to access your online Safety Orientation.

No app install required. Works with any phone. Our Safety Orientations are accessible, trackable, and loved by our supers and HSE pros.

Begin Orientation

Workers will be presented with a Safety Orientation specifically created for that site’s requirements.

Use the same training and safety information you present today, but use SafetyNow to ensure its present the same way every time to every worker.

Job Site Visibility

SafetyNow captures worker data that you specify, so you never have to keep up with, or track paperwork. Easily integrate with Procore and sync worker / subcontractor info, as well as daily logs.

Get Notified

Easily check on Safety Orientation completion, restrict certain workers from coming onto the job site, and more.

"I have been using SafetyNow for a little over 5 months and it has been a game changer on keeping accurate daily logs as well as documenting safety orientations. The integration with our construction document management software has been seamless. The mobile app makes it easy to check at any time who is on site. This is a must for any construction project."

– Frank D’Andrea | Project Lead | Monteith Construction

Safety By The Stats

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Workers Missed Days of Work

Missing work causes delays, irritability, and unhappy customers. Keep your workers on the job site longer.

Injuries Cases In 2020

No matter how large or small the injury, our goal for SafetyNow is to reduce this number. 

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Lowest OSHA Penalty

OSHA penalties can range from $13,653 to $136,532 and above. One roofing company was fined $1.2mil in 2021. Our goal is to help construction companies save money but not getting penalized.

Accidents Happen Within A Worker's First Year

Highlights the need for high-quality safety training.

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Built by founders with extensive experience in the cloud software and embedded device industries, the Wreckingball cloud platform is fast, easy to use, and improving rapidly with innovative solutions to help you leverage the most from your workforce. Wreckingball’s SafetyNow allows you to quickly and easily add automated safety orientation, and touchless daily checkin to your job site.

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